D2R-Collect's application will get your business focused on getting paid faster. That means more successful collectors. And the best part? Our team can get you up and running today. Try now Explore More

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D2R-Collect For Your Business

No matter what your industry, if you have unpaid invoices or debtors who haven't paid their bills,
D2R-Collect is ready to help you get paid faster, while maintaining strong customer relationships.

What is D2R-Collect?

D2R-Collect is an intelligent SaaS debt recovery application designed by a team of debt collection experts. It enables collectors to do more and collect faster, with significantly higher closing rates. Our secure cloud-based application is readily customizable, integrates with your existing systems, and requires no installation. All you need is an internet connection to start collecting smarter, faster, and more efficiently today.
debt collection experts.

The D2R-Collect Difference

  • Designed by collections experts: Everything we’ve designed makes the collection process more effective and more efficient.
  • Advanced architecture: D2R-Collect is scalable and can maximize collections whether your agency has one or one thousand collectors.
  • Autopilot: Self driving collections with Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform, cognitive system and machine learning powered by IBM’s Bluemix and Waston.
  • D2R-Collect is secure: Our application was developed with the highest security standards, so your data and your clients’ data is safe.
  • D2R-Collect integrates: Uploading data is fast and simple. D2R-Collect can integrate with your existing applications such as accounts receivable systems.
  • D2R-Collect is agile and readily configures business processes to ensure conformity with clients’ needs and local legislation.
  • Device Independent: D2R-Collect runs on all standard browsers on desktops, tablets, and smart phones.
  • Never forgets to follow up: D2R-Collect always prompts collectors towards their next step in the collections process. Debts are never forgotten or left unpursued.
  • The best support: From the moment you call us, our team works with you to ensure an effortless adoption of D2R-Collect.

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“Ever since we acquired D2R Collect online system, we have cut down on the number of calls and time required to give our clients feedback. Our clients are happier and empowered to access their files and add new Debtor files online from their office.”

A.L. (Toronto based Collection Agency)

“We were searching for a software that was simple to use and learn, answers all our needs and be cost effective. A web based software was not on the list until we tried D2R. We have made great savings in streamlining processes, with great calendar scheduling, follow up tools, customizing letters, tracking Debtors' phones, addresses and Notes and simple financial management tools”

Z.B. (Concord based Collection Agency)

See what D2R-Collect can do to invigorate your profits with less effort, stress, and disputes than you ever thought possible. Our experts are waiting to show you the best designed cloud-based collections application.

Have questions about whether D2R-Collect is right for you? We're happy to talk! Connect with one of our experts: