At D2R-Collect we are committed to serving you, our community, to our fullest capability throughout these trying times. We’re trying our level best to support your business during this situation and help you operate your business from home.

There’s nothing more important to us than the well-being of our customers and employees. As COVID-19 continues to spread, we want you to know we’re doing all we can to support you and other independent ventures around the world.

Our way to support you through COVID-19 is by extending our free trial period for 60 days. In addition, our customer experience team will be helping you transfer all your data and onboard at no cost.

Our sales team will continue to answer the phones. No question is off-topic or too small (though there may be increased wait times since they’re working from home, and you might hear kids and dogs). Call us if you need help. We’re here for you.

Our services are up and running so your online business can remain open — this way, you can reach your customers and they can reach you.

*Due to the uncertainty faced with COVID-19, D2R-Collect and its management reserves the right to change this offer at their discretion.

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