Customer Agreements and User Terms for Products and Services

Agreements and terms for our customers’ use of our products and services.


Intellectual Property

Information regarding our intellectual property, including our trademark list, trademark usage guidelines, copyright infringement notification procedure, and requests for use of our copyrighted material.


Corporate Governance

Corporate governance principles and guidelines, code of conduct, and Board committee charters.

Privacy and Security

Our Privacy Statement and Security Statement.



A.L. (Toronto based Collection Agency)
“Ever since we acquired D2R-Collect online system, we have cut down on the number of calls and time required to give our clients feedback. Our clients are happier and empowered to access their files and add new Debtor files online from their office.”
Z.B. (Concord based Collection Agency)
“We were searching for a software that was simple to use and learn, answers all our needs and be cost effective. A web based software was not on the list until we tried D2R-Collect. We have made great savings in streamlining processes, with great calendar scheduling, follow up tools, customizing letters, tracking Debtors' phones, addresses and Notes and simple financial management tools”