Collection Agency & Cloud Based Debt Collection Software


Simply record, track and
manage collection activities
and payment arrangements


Utilise a streamlined collection process that increases debt recovery rates


Achieve results.
Win your Clients’ trust.
Grow your business.

D2R Collect is a smart cloud-based debt recovery software that helps you recover money effectively. It empowers you to manage debt collection for several clients with multiple debtor accounts from a single place. Service each client according to their needs. D2R Collect is designed to:

  • Make debt collection for any industry (financial, banks, non-profit, legal, oil and gas, healthcare, retail...)
  • Get specialize setting for higher education that talks about University or College students; heath care (hospitals) about patients
  • Tailor screens that attend to any type of enterprise
  • Personalize by public sector type, the appropriate information for municipal, state, provincial, territorial or federal government

Streamline collections at low cost

Exploit the power of D2R Collect simple and affordable business model, which does not require hardware, set-up or maintenance cost

Get started in minutes

D2R Collect is a cloud-based software that requires no installation or system set-ups. All you need is the internet to start collecting

Win your client’s trust

Simplify and optimize client reporting by enabling online access for your clients to monitor progress and update their accounts, right from your agency website

Capture new opportunities

D2R Collect’s automation features save time and effort - thus making it possible for agencies to handle bigger and more contracts by focusing solely on collecting and recovering debt

Maximize collections

Achieve your collections' objectives by utilizing a seamless workflow starting from adding new accounts to collecting and closing them. Show your clients performance excellence by following a state of the art collection methodology

Achieve end-to-end efficiency

D2R Collect keeps your team connected and focused on results. Enhance your team’s productivity with rich features like automated invoice process; efficient trust account management and flexible commission rate settings

Monitor & manage performance

Leverage a range of in-depth reports to monitor account progress, agent performance and debtor behavior that allows you to change or standardize your collection strategy

Conform to regulations

D2R Collect has been designed to meet applicable regulations. This will help your business to grow and reduce risk

Get support when it matters

Our support team will never leave you hanging. We guarantee our excellent support services 24/7

Customize & integrate

Utilize the flexibility of D2R Collect to tailor forms, fields and templates for your business needs - without developers, coding skills or tech bottlenecks. Moreover, you can easily integrate it with ERP systems, VOIP and payment gateways

We’re invested in the success of every agency using our software.
When you join D2R Collect, we act as true partners to your team.

Ready to fast-track your collections?