Debt Collection software App For Financial Institutions - D2R Collect

Pre-Collections of dues from the existing students and graduates are a matter of concern for any education institution. Financial services departments that are following up on delinquent student accounts are looking for a new holistic approach that would not only help them collect their dues faster but would help them preserve the student’s positive relationship with the institute.

D2R-Collect software helps you initiate a new approach in student’s account receivable departments by streamlining the process of pre-collections for your financial services department.

Building Credibility and Trust

Building a respected identity gives an institution a competitive advantage. Academic reputation is the most important factor when interacting with students. Use a holistic approach to measure the impacts of every communication you make with your students. D2R-Collect software would help in retaining your institution’s respect and would give a competitive advantage over other colleges and universities.

Emails and Letter Templates

Create and upload standard e-mail or letter templates. Send student letters in real-time, all from one screen. Send mass e-mails with your university logo for detailed late payment balances (Tuition Fees, Parking Fees, Library Charges…) with Student Status, and Grades.

Queues & Reminders for student accounts

Set reminders to contact students by your department about follow-ups and place calls in queues. D2R-Collect adds the reminders to your calendar.

Dialer Campaign

Send voice messages and text messages regarding the current payments dues and future payments. D2R-Collect accepts payment through the PCI-Compliant payment gateway, cheque and credit/debit card.

Schedule recurring payments

Collect faster and more efficiently by building payment plans for students and accommodate them with recurring payments. D2R-Collect automatically reminds you when a scheduled payment is due.

Pre-Collection Management

Get full visibility of communications with students; track all payments due, payments collected and scheduled appointments.

ERP Integration

Banner, PeopleSoft, Oracle, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, and Sage


English,French, Spanish, Portuguese and many more.


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A.L. (Toronto based Collection Agency)
“Ever since we acquired D2R-Collect online system, we have cut down on the number of calls and time required to give our clients feedback. Our clients are happier and empowered to access their files and add new Debtor files online from their office.”
Z.B. (Concord based Collection Agency)
“We were searching for a software that was simple to use and learn, answers all our needs and be cost effective. A web based software was not on the list until we tried D2R-Collect. We have made great savings in streamlining processes, with great calendar scheduling, follow up tools, customizing letters, tracking Debtors' phones, addresses and Notes and simple financial management tools”