Q. What Software is needed to install D2R?

A. None, all you need is your personal Computer, Browser and internet connection. D2R is a SaaS web based system.

Q. How long does it take to setup D2R system?

A. Minutes after the application process has been completed.

Q. How long does it take to learn D2R-Collect?

A. Our focus is on getting collectors productive immediately. The system is simple and easy to use. Some organizations put their Collectors online within minutes of giving a user ID. We also provide more detailed training to the administrative part of the system and hand hold you for the initial start up period at no additional cost.

Q. How many people can use the system?

A. Only limited by the number of people that you have.

Q. Can your clients see their own account?

A. not only your clients can see their accounts; but you can control the level and type of information that you would feel appropriate for your clients to see. What is even nicer is that your clients can enter new account in Debt on the system at anytime and you can assign and work those new files immediately. This is your Debtors ATM machine.

Q. How much does D2R cost?

A. Starts from as low as $99/month for base system.

Q. Can I use the system from anywhere anytime?

A. Yes and you can control that access if you wish that some users/collectors are not allowed to.

Q. is there cost for upgrades?

A. None, you get the benefits of all new upgrades and updates at no additional cost to you.

Q. How about system interruptions? what is the down time?

A. You will not even know that the system will be down. We have sophisticated mechanism for high system up time.

Q. Can I add the customer login on my website?

A. Absolutely, you can have your own personalized login area (User/Password) and you manage who, how, what and when can your clients have access to the system and their files?

Q. How easy is it to integrate with my website? can my own people do that? or do I need D2R team to do it?

A. It is a simple plugin with a few lines of code. your own people can do it; and we are too glad to help them or do it for them.