Credit Debt Collection Agency Software for Educational Institutes


Drive timely communication with students
for maximum debt recovery.


Seamlessly integrate ERP, phone dialers &
payment gateways for efficient, traceable recoveries.


Uphold your institute’s reputation with
in-house collections and maintain student relationships.

D2R Collect is a smart debt recovery software that helps you streamline debt collection efficiently and effectively

Reduce bad debts = Improve debt recovery

D2R Collect is the most powerful and cost-effective solution available in the market. Increase debt recovery rate and only pass delinquent accounts to collection agencies

Cut-down debt collection cost

Bring in process efficiencies with D2R Collect that significantly cuts down your debt collection effort and mundane administrative tasks

Seamlessly integrate & ensure data consistency

Seamlessly integrate with ERP or legacy systems. Utilise single entry processes, avoid duplication of work and improve data accuracy

Minimize student account delinquency

Engage students with timely communication by running and monitoring multiple campaigns including letter (print), fax, email and SMS, from an easy-to-use interface

Accelerate collections

Speed up debt collection with intuitive features like document management, letter generation and integration with VoIP phone systems and auto dialers, that help you conduct routine tasks efficiently

Make informed decisions

Retrieve a complete audit trail of all payment schedules, successful transactions and actions performed for informed decision making and reporting purposes

Build a smarter collections team

Enhance effectiveness of debt collection processes and your team’s efficiency with automated tools, that minimize time spent on administrative tasks with insightful reports that facilitate account planning and tracking

Personalize system configuration to fit your needs

Utilize the flexibility of D2R Collect to tailor forms, fields and templates to match your institute’s format - without developers, coding skills or tech bottlenecks.

Get started in minutes

Leverage the power of the smartest cloud based debt recovery software with data import modules. All you need is Internet and you can start collecting in minutes

Streamline collections at low cost

Exploit the power of D2R Collect’s simple and affordable business model, which requires no IT resources, no set-up nor maintenance fees

We’re invested in the success of every agency using our software.
When you join D2R Collect, we act as true partners to your team.

Ready to fast-track your collections?