Data access typically refers to software and activities related to storing, retrieving, or acting on data housed in a database or other repository. We also view data accessibility  as providing you with access to your data regardless of natural or man-made disasters, hardware failures, etc.

D2r-Collect Data accessibility, security and Privacy

Since D2R-Collect is a web-based application we take great care in protecting your data and insure that regular backups are made on daily basis and stored offsite. The layers of those backups and their levels can very from client to client to meet their own regulatory and compliance requirements.

D2r-collect standard setup is architected in multiple layers of data redundancy and protection in place:

–       First, we protect your data by copying it at least four times an hour to a remote facility that acts a failover server. That means we copy it over 500 times a day. This provides a “snapshot” of data over the course of a workday so that in the event some key data is accidentally deleted or in case of any issue arising with the Hardware, Software or infrastructure, we are able to recover the data to a state that is, at worst, a few hours old. At best there would be no loss.

–       Second, on a daily basis we back up your data to our secure, offsite, and geographically distributed backup facilities. This insures that a secure and safe remote location will house your data in case that “all” of our locations have been damaged for any reason.

–       Third, we provide you with web-based private and secure access to your data. So that you can verify and insure that your data has been backed up safely. More importantly, to insure that you have direct and full access to this data and can download it to your own office location and archiving it on removable media for any corporate or legal requirements.

With these layers of data redundancy; a Collection Agency and your corporation can rest assured they’re meeting your own expectations and your organization’s requirements. Our responsibility is to keep your data 100% accessible, even in the event of an unexpected disaster.

We appreciate that some institutions may have their own requirements; in case on Banks, Financial institutions or any regulatory and compliance requirements. D2R-Collect standard Data Accessibility offering meets most of those requirements and we are flexible enough for address any special ones.

We put you in control and provide you with direct, online and immediate access to your information.

We have followed rigid standards and tried and tested methods for our standard Data accessibility offering. We will talk about the Security and Privacy on more detail.

D2R-Collect’s team treats clients’ data from points of accessibilitysecurity, and privacy with the greatest of care and due diligence that our clients expect.

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