It’s Friday at D2R – Collect! Aside from working with our team to continue bringing you the best debt collection software on the market, we’re still buzzing from a great meeting of the minds that took place between our VP of Sales and Marketing, Mitch Kamiel  and Blair DeMarco-Wettlaufer. Blair is a Collections Expert, blogger and COO of Kingston Data and Credit.

One of the things we pride ourselves on here at D2R-Collect (besides our feature-rich debt collection software) is fostering a spirit of collaboration in our business. That’s why we surround ourselves with the best and brightest staff and work alongside the stars of FinTech. It’s also why we always keep the conversation about debt collection software going with high level experts in our industry. This is how we keep our fingers on the pulse of what collectors need to improve their work in the real-world.


Mitch Kamiel wit Blair Wettlaufer discussing debt collection software and new trends in the collection industry

Mitch Kamiel with Blair Wettlaufer



We’ve been keeping an eye on Blair’s blog for quite some time. If you’ve checked it out (or if you’re on your way over there now) then you know  that Blair is the real deal when it comes to collections, credit and receivables management. It’s also not hard to see why his company is so well respected and growing so quickly, with a brand new branch in Gatineau, QC.





All due praise aside, D2R-Collect had an excellent afternoon with Blair. We chatted about the latest news and technologies in the debt collection and accounts receivables world. We agreed on a lot of issues (for instance, that Steve Martin and Dr. Who are great!),  but especially on the fact that most credit and collections software is vastly un

Kingston Data & Credit's new location in Gatineau, Quebec

Kingston Data & Credit’s new location in Gatineau, Quebec

der-serving debt collectors and accounts receivables managers. Both Blair and D2R-Collect agree that empowering collectors with sophisticated debt collection software makes collecting easier, faster, and more fool-proof. This is a true win for agencies, collectors and even debtors.

Of course, we couldn’t send Blair home without giving him  a demo of our debt collection software, and we had a great time showing off just some of the endless features D2R-Collect has to offer. In turn, we were really impressed by Blair’s own knowledge of IT and the complexities of debt collections software.

Today’s technology is turning debt collection, credit management and accounts receivables into a very different playing field than it used to be.  Leading collections agencies are arming  collectors with the best tools and debt collection software to rise to the top!

TALK TO US: We’d love to know how you feel about your business’ collections or Accounts Receivables process. Is it in step with our high-tech world, or do you feel like you’re partying like it’s 1999? If you’re ready for a change, get the extended free trial of D2R-Collect here .

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